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I feel I should caveat this post by saying I don’t have any formal teaching qualifications. I have, however, volunteered as an instructor for Code First: Girls on their Introduction to Web Development course and delivered it twice now. So I have a bit of experience that I want to share with others who like me could (just about) code but had never taught coding before. Both times I have taught the course online using video conferencing software such as Zoom and Google Meet. This came with its own set of challenges that these tips also consider.

Here are my…

I was so excited when I first learned how to use localStorage and sessionStorage. It amazed me when I refreshed the page and the to do list, even what I’d half typed into the input field, was still there!

I hope this post explains how you can use them, and gets you as excited as I was.

So, what are they?

localStorage and sessionStorage are simple ways to save data locally using the browser.

How are they different to each other?


· Data stored in localStorage has no expiration time.

· The user or web app has to clear…

Starting Bootcamp

Starting Bootcamp on the 20th of January was really exciting. Even though I had a terrible cold, I had a great time the first few days getting to grips with basic JavaScript concepts. I made a short video diary on the first day. It’s amazing looking back now how much more I understand the language after just two weeks! Before I started I was dubious about whether we could learn to code in 4 months, it just didn’t seem possible. Reflecting on it now, the pace at which we progress really is amazing.

What I’ve made

We’ve made…

Where I’m from.

Hi, I’m Jodie. I’m from a town just outside Brum — West Bromwich (probably best known for the football team). I’ve moved around a bit, having lived in Aberystwyth and Nottingham, but like a boomerang always end up back in Brum. I currently live in Harborne and am working my notice as Student Experience Officer at the University of Birmingham, before the School of Code Bootcamp commences on January 20th. Exciting!

My face!

How I got here.

My introduction to the world of code was through a level 1 front-end course. The course was hosted by The Economist in…


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